Dentures themselves can present issues with function and stability, depending on whether you have upper or lower arch prosthesis, or both. While upper-arch removable dentures are typically well tolerated, lower arch dentures can create functional issues that make them hard to wear, such as:

Loss of Stability – Because there is less surface area on the lower jaw arch for dentures to suction or adhere to, it’s common that these lower arch teeth replacements can pop out of place throughout the day. While upper dentures are more likely to remain in place by holding to the palate or roof of the mouth, lower dentures cannot do the same.

Rubbing and Slipping – Once out of place, a loose lower denture tends to float and can rub against and irritate soft tissue. Not only is this problem an annoyance, but gum irritation is uncomfortable and can cause tissue depletion, which is damaging for your overall health as well. With loss of soft tissue, dentures will also need to be repeatedly re-sized.

Biting and Chewing Problems – You need two strong arches of teeth in order to properly bite into and chew food. With a problematic lower denture, it becomes almost impossible to eat and digest a balanced diet of nutritional foods.

Solving Dentures Problems with as Few as Two Implants

In many cases, the best way to stabilize a loose and irritating lower denture is with dental implants. Depending on your needs, budget, and goals, the number of implants needed could be as few as two, with your lower denture snapping onto these anchors or fence posts that securely hold your denture in place all day. For patients who prefer fixed dentures that cannot snap on and off, utilizing just four implants create a permanent arch of prosthetic teeth.

For many patients who have undergone repeated denture sizing and replacement over the years to obtain a more comfortable and stable prosthetic, implants provide a solution to loose dentures and can end the cycle or repeated problems with removable dental appliances.

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