Extraction is a sometimes necessary dental procedure for teeth that are severely decayed or are infected. Teeth are extracted when they cannot be restored and preserved, as removal helps to prevent bacteria and decay from spreading to other teeth, but it can also create secondary health issues that require attention.

Some patients who have teeth extracted choose to forego dental prosthetics, especially if the tooth wasn’t in a position that affected their ability to bite and chew. However, untreated tooth loss can cause:

Changes in Facial Profile – As you age, facial tissue and bone change. This process is often sped up when natural teeth are missing and cannot provide the same shape and structure to upper lips. When teeth are missing for long stretches of time, bone can begin to shrink, which also changes the shape of your face.

Bone Recession – Natural tooth roots stimulate bone, which helps it to stay dense and healthy. As mentioned above, lack of natural teeth for prolonged periods deplete the amount of jaw bone stimulation, causing bone volume to shrink.

Lack of Support for Teeth and Tissue – In the event that all teeth are removed in an arch, patients may notice a sunken-in look, as teeth provide support and shape for the lips and mouth. This can be particularly damaging for younger patients, who look old beyond their years in the event that many of their permanent teeth need to be extracted.

While these health issues are intimidating, they can be corrected with proper dental attention and the right restorations.

Correcting Tooth Loss – Finding Prosthetics that Fit

Part of making sure that your smile looks natural when correcting tooth loss, and that you are able to enjoy lasting oral health, is to ensure that you receive dental prosthetics that fit well and feel natural. ABA Dental Clinic helps patients correct tooth loss and prevent facial collapse and bone resorption through dental implant placement and restoration in Thunder Bay. If you have questions, please contact our office for more details about implant dentistry.